Custom Graphs

    How to Use the Custom Chart Tool:

    Data Entry Instructions
    Entering Data

    Locate the input fields labeled “Label” and “Value.”

    Type a name into the “Label” field (e.g., “January”).

    Type a corresponding number into the “Value” field (e.g., “150”).

    Click the “Add Entry” button to save your data entry.

    Viewing and Managing Entries

    Below the input fields, you’ll find a list of all the entries you’ve added.

    Each entry shows the label followed by its value.

    If you want to remove an entry, click the “Remove” button next to it.

    Generating the Chart

    Once you’ve added all your desired entries:

    • Click “Generate Bar Graph” to display a bar chart representation of your data.
    • Click “Generate Line Graph” to display a line chart representation of your data.
    Clearing All Entries

    If you wish to start over or clear all entries, click the “All Clear” button. This will clear both the list of data and the chart.

    Saving the Chart as an Image

    Once you’ve generated a chart, you can save it:

    • Click the “Save as PNG” button.
    • Your browser will download the chart as a PNG image file. You can then view, share, or print this image.
    Downloading and Uploading Data

    To save your data for future use:

    • Click the “Download Data” button. This will save your data as a text file.
    • You can open this file with any text editor to view your data.

    To load previously saved data:

    • Click on the file input labeled “Choose File” or similar (label might vary depending on your browser).
    • Select the previously downloaded text file.
    • Your data will automatically be loaded, and you can view the list of entries, modify them, or generate a new chart.